Wilder Derbyshire

Hammer Design was so proud to have been invited to redesign the latest Magazine from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

Kate and the team at the Wildlife Trust were keen to save money on printing and as such we revamped the size and reduced the number of pages to keep it simple clean and relevant for a passionate and devoted audience of Wildlife followers in the region.

Front Cover to Wilder Magazine for the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust features an Osprey, embellished brand style lettering and an image enhancing white frame.

The project started with a series of brand new clean clear layouts, new typefaces and a fresh bright new palette.

The mast head took the wildlife silhouettes and built them into the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s magazine title ‘Wilder’ to tell the story.

A classic strong layout to create emphasis and a centre spread for the Osprey, the hero of the magazine.
Small detailing of relevant animal silhouettes gave more love and relevance to each page spread.
Icon development for the Wilder Future campaign spread.
Just beautiful Kingfishers!
Trying to create a small story with illustration work in the margin adds something that hopefully the reader will understand to be a part of the passion behind the process and a engaged care for the project.

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